The Year of Covid -19

It has been a strange year in Covid lockdown. There have been times where it has been wonderfully peaceful and we have all had time to press the reset button. It has been lovely to have family all home and just have time to be, but that has all worn off now! The teenagers have all gone mad and are champing at the bit to party and see friends and…

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Summer into Autumn


Summer started with my father-in-law Andrew Wedderburn, aged 84, completing the Bronze Cateran Yomp. Having recovered from a heart bypass and prostrate cancer last year the 22 miles was an amazing achievement. He served in the Blackwatch so it was a charity close to his heart. He did the walk with two of his 6 children and was cheered in by several grandchildren and most of the yomp volunteers at the Bronze station. He is an incredible example of fitness and strength of character. Very inspiring.

What a summer it has been.  If only Scotland were like this all the time but with a bit more water for the farm than this summer.  It has been a struggle to keep the cows going with food as the parched grass dried up more and more.







I have spent the summer watching nature’s flowers and berries appear.  There is endless inspiration for colour, texture and pattern. 

We had a few days away in Mallorca where the sunshine and colours were stunning. The local market had fabulous stalls full of pattern and bright colours. I can see all the colour combinations in the patterned rugs being used in my knitwear in bright stripes and the baskets of beads would make a great abstract printed textile circle pattern.








I took delivery of some new designs hot off the press – screen printed children’s aprons. These are quite different from my usual bright coloured tea towels but I wanted to make them look like old fashioned children’s toys and graphics. They come with endearing woodland animals, fox, mole, rabbit, hedgehog and squirrel.  The same designs come in notebooks and luggage tags.  They have had a great response from the retail outlets stocking them.







These were all hand drawn in pen and ink in black and white, then the Pantone colours were picked for the screen printing. They took quite a while to hand draw.  They will be photographed next week and then added to my website in time for the Christmas rush. If you would like some now you can get them on my Etsy shop LWedderburnDesign

They would make fantastic Christmas presents for children.  Wrap them up in brown paper with one of the luggage tags and some ribbon and you have a gift full of character direct from the designer!







As we go into Autumn the next posts will be more about my winter knits, fairisles and cosy hats. I’ll let you know what’s new in and what new colours there are on offer plus ideas for great gift sets for Christmas.

I nearly forgot to say that I now have loads of your favourite card designs available in handy notebooks with my trademark stripes on the back. They are so colourful and vibrant and come it at a brilliant price too! Good stocking fillers.

Open Studios April 2017

It’s nearly that time of year again – Open Studios 2017.  This year they are open on Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th and Monday 1st running from 10am – 6pm each day.  It’s a great chance to see inside working studios to get an insight into how they design and make their products and to see artists and crafts people at work. Well worth a visit. This year I am opening…

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North Fife Open Studios

A date for your diary this year.  All the participants are working away now towards the Open Studios.  It is a great way to spend a few days where you can talk to the makers,  see their work spaces and buy some of their work direct from the makers/designer/artists. Come along!

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Back to the studio

It is beginning to feel like Spring here at Mountquhanie. The frenetic Christmas seems like a long time ago now.  The studio was so busy in the run up to Christmas with orders from the website going crazy.  It is lovely now to have a little space to think about the new season and clear the desk ready to come up with new fresh ideas.  Inspiration is going to come from all around with all the new buds of Spring coming through. With a few crisp walks with Jock the ideas are starting to come. I have cleared my mood board and have started doing a few little drawings to get back into the creative mindset away from all the manic order sending ( which I must say I like too !).  The best sellers this Winter season were fairisles in all shapes and forms.  People loved them and I hope they continue to do so as I think they are wonderfulspringl and such a fabulous part ofCXAY0828 Scotland’s history.


The snowdrops are out so I have been doing a few simple paintings of those and have spent a little time sketching pine cones and other treasures gathered on my walks with Jock.  Jock also discovered that he has a shadow much to our amusement! It is nice to go back to the basics and start drawing.jocksnowdropIt is time to get back to the drawing board make marmalade and come up with lots of new ideas.  Enjoy the Spring!conessketch bookmarmalade

Harvest isn’t in but the Fairisles are in!

The light is changing and the harvest is slowly coming in. It is going to be a late harvest this year. The crops are taking their time to ripen apparently.   Brambles are appearing ready to be picked on lovely Autumn walks, then made into jam. My new fairisles have just arrived and are ready to go.  I am so excited about these new designs – colours look rich, the yarn…

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The end of Spring

12 lambs have been born to our 5 pet Jacobs sheep with frenzied excitement each time it started happening from the children. Usually it all started happening just as we were about to go out the door.  Each lamb has turned out black with the odd white speckle here and there. On my to do list is to sit in the field and do some lovely sepia ink drawings of the spotty…

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Coming soon

  New cards are printed and in the shops or on the website in packs. There are 6 new designs to choose from.  The perfect size for a thank you letter – not too big!

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