The end of Spring

12 lambs have been born to our 5 pet Jacobs sheep with frenzied excitement each time it started happening from the children. Usually it all started happening just as we were about to go out the door.  Each lamb has turned out black with the odd white speckle here and there. On my to do list is to sit in the field and do some lovely sepia ink drawings of the spotty Jacob mothers and perhaps use those for napkins or tea towels. The only problem being that they are about to be sheered at which point they look very naked and a bit goat like so I need to do that this week really. All the flock are now happy out in the field behind my studio. The bluebells have now gone and the wild garlic although past flowering still smells gorgeous. I have a few ideas buzzing round my head for designs with dandelion clocks, primulas and bluebells so will also work on those and keep you posted. Lots of photos have been taken and the odd sketch here and there.

The first crop has been harvested from my tiny vegetable patch and although it won’t make a meal they do look beautiful on the turquoise Crail Pottery plate.  These are the ones that Jamie now uses in The Newport restaurant – well worth a visit for delicious food. The new website has gone down well and my sister has kindly shared it on her Aberdeen PA sight which goes out to over 3000 people.  Perfect as a lot of my products are uniquely Scottish so perfect for corporate gifts.

Finally we had a visit from Mr Hedgehog who wandered sleepily across the road.  He came out of hibernation a bit early with the warm weather but it was a good chance to take some close up shots then pop him safely back in the bushes.  Now as it heads to summer I will look out for all the grasses and hopefully get out sketching if it ever stops raining!
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