The Year of Covid -19

Still life

It has been a strange year in Covid lockdown. There have been times where it has been wonderfully peaceful and we have all had time to press the reset button. It has been lovely to have family all home and just have time to be, but that has all worn off now! The teenagers have all gone mad and are champing at the bit to party and see friends and get back to school and university. They need to get back to some social normality.

At the start I worked away on Still lifes and some more traditional artwork plus new card designs.

Crail Pottery Houses

In the summer as lockdown eased a bit I managed to fit in a little photography shoot with a wonderful new model ( Eilean ) and Eddie Philips at Lighthouse photography – both lovely people to work with. Unfortunately it was one of the hottest days of the year and wearing woolen jumpers, hats & gloves was not that appealing. Eddie managed to take some beautiful photos against all odds. I got all those uploaded onto the website and Etsy shop and oddly in lockdown I have had the busiest year ever in my shop. I think the combination of new designs, fab model, great Eddie photos and everyone having to do all their Christmas gift shopping online as well as sit outside to see friends in the cold meant that I could hardly keep up with orders. Thank you all of you that supported all of us local designers.

Eilean the brilliant new model.

As I wait hopefully for my blue vaccine letter to come through the post let’s hope the year ahead is a more normal one for everyone in which we can all feel safer.

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