Back to the studio

It is beginning to feel like Spring here at Mountquhanie. The frenetic Christmas seems like a long time ago now.  The studio was so busy in the run up to Christmas with orders from the website going crazy.  It is lovely now to have a little space to think about the new season and clear the desk ready to come up with new fresh ideas.  Inspiration is going to come from all around with all the new buds of Spring coming through. With a few crisp walks with Jock the ideas are starting to come. I have cleared my mood board and have started doing a few little drawings to get back into the creative mindset away from all the manic order sending ( which I must say I like too !).  The best sellers this Winter season were fairisles in all shapes and forms.  People loved them and I hope they continue to do so as I think they are wonderfulspringl and such a fabulous part ofCXAY0828 Scotland’s history.


The snowdrops are out so I have been doing a few simple paintings of those and have spent a little time sketching pine cones and other treasures gathered on my walks with Jock.  Jock also discovered that he has a shadow much to our amusement! It is nice to go back to the basics and start drawing.jocksnowdropIt is time to get back to the drawing board make marmalade and come up with lots of new ideas.  Enjoy the Spring!conessketch bookmarmalade